Table Reservations

Integrate your reservation system, such as OpenTable, with your website.

Feature Details

Available with: done+ and donePro
Price with done+: $4.99/mo
Included with donePro

How it works

If you don’t have one already, we will set up your OpenTable account and integrate your reservation system with your website, so that users can find available reservation slots and book them live on your website. Users are not required to have an OpenTable account to complete the reservation.

OpenTable is one of the most recognized table reservation systems in the nation. It offers good analytics features, integration with a tablet that can be placed in your restaurant to manage tables and incoming guests, and is particularly valuable because of the major exposure it provides on search engines and through its own restaurant search feature. When potential guests visit the OpenTable app, they’re able to view restaurants in their vicinity, along with its food category, customer ratings, and more.

Fits for…

This one’s easy:

  • Restaurants
  • Taverns
  • Exclusive bars
  • Cafes
Table Reservations

Free features

A range of features are available to all customers at no charge, including a photo and video gallery, a blog, integration of social media feeds, and a custom design.

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Premium features

Have more advanced needs? Contact forms are free and other features available at a charge for done+ customers, while all features are included in the donePro plan.

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